2015 Utah Regional

Over spring break, the team took a trip to West Valley City for the 2015 FRC Utah Regional. We had a great experience meeting and playing with all the teams, both local and out-of-state. On practice day, we made some modifications to the robot including but not limited to; new bigger intake wheels to increase our handling of the totes in the landfill, a device to align the totes better when loading from the feeder station, and improvements to our can stabilizer. We were able to play a few practice matches before heading home for the night.The next day, the team was excited for the qualification rounds. While some of our changes worked well, a few didn’t turn out like we would’ve preferred, so we will be iterating on those mechanisms for the future events. However, the qualifications were a success, as we ended them ranked 1st with an average of 124.00, and setting the high score for the qualification rounds, 190 points. In alliance selections, we invited team 1619, Up-A-Creek Robotics from Colorado, and team 4334 Alberta Tech Alliance, from Canada, to partner with us for the playoff rounds. The number one alliance held strong onto the 1st place spot through both the quarterfinals and semifinals, advancing to the finals, where we met the strong alliance of 2122, Team Tators, 3230, PrototypeX, and 3405, the Eaglebots. Our alliance was able to pull out the win in two intense matches, becoming the champions of the 2015 Utah Regional and creating history for Team 624 – our first season with 2 regional wins (the first being the 2015 Dallas Regional)! We also earned the Quality Award, sponsored by Motorola. We would like to congratulate the finalists as well as team 2486, the CocoNuts, on their Chairman’s Win! CRyptonite is excited to see all our Texas friends one more time back home in Houston for the Lone Star Regional in Week 6, so stay tuned!