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FIRST Championship

Team 624 did AWESOME at the FIRST World Championship this past week. There were six World Divisions and we competed in the Hopper Division with 75 other worldwide teams. Our students spent numerous hours scouting other teams, talking to judges, making repairs, and competing in matches. After 10 hard fought Qualification Matches, we came in as the fourth seed in the Hopper Division and were Captain of Alliance Team #3. We picked three strong teams to join us, 4421 FORGE Robotics from Canada, 3538 RoboJackets from Michigan, and 4926 GalacTech from Indiana. Our Alliance then got to work, moving forward against very tough match play where we ended up falling short in the quarter finals. 

During our Qualification Matches, we set a World Record with a high score of 189 points which was later tied by another alliance later. Here is a clip of the world record match. We are in Red Bumpers in this match: .