The 50+ high school members of CRyptonite Robotics learn to design and build a robot to tackle challenging problems.

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Our team is composed of students, parents, and mentors, who come together to complete the yearly FIRST robotics challenge and collaborate to enhance our community. Learn about the people who make this a reality, and the legacy of past members.

About us

CRyptonite competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition, or FRC. Learn all about our parent organization (FIRST), our competition (FRC), and the history behind our team.


In addition to the robot, CRyptonite is active in the community, carrying out STEM-related outreach activities. We hold annual Science Day Camps for local kids, STEM nights for the community, and share our resources with fellow teams.

CRyptonite is a robotics team from Cinco Ranch High School in Katy, Texas
Team Motto: "Engineering a Path to our Future"


Parents are the underlying reason this program is possible in the first place. Without their involvement, this team would not be able to function smoothly. Learn more about the role you can fill as a parent and how to join “Club 624”, our parent sponsorship program. 

We’ve continued to expand our social media, while creating a community newsletter, and developing brand standards to present a unified image. 


View our video and photo gallery, read up on our latest blog posts, and check out our marketing strategy.

Without sponsors providing material and financial support, our team wouldn’t be able to continue. Our relationship with sponsors goes beyond the checkbook, with a cornerstone of our program to build lasting and meaningful connections with those who support us.  Learn more about the benefits and process of sponsoring our team.


Whats happening Now

We had an amazing time at the FIRST Championship! We are now planning our offseason and will be attending IRI on July 15!


Excellence in Engineering Award at FIRST Championship

Team 624 did not come home empty-handed! We won a judged award, the Engineering Excellence Award, for demonstrating a professional approach to the design process and having a design that is elegant and advantageous in the field of play.

FIRST Championship

Team 624 did AWESOME at the FIRST World Championship this past week. There were six World Divisions and we competed in the Hopper Division with 75 other worldwide teams. Our students spent numerous hours scouting other teams, talking to judges, making repairs, and competing in matches. After 10 hard fought Qualification Matches, we came in as the […]

Autonomous Award at Texas State Championship

Team 624 won the  “Autonomous Award” sponsored by Ford for our consistent, reliable, high-performance operation during autonomously managed actions. This was our second Autonomous Award for the season!

FIRST in Texas District Championship

Team 624 did FANTASTIC at the FIRST in Texas District Championship this past week. As with earlier competitions at Waco and Pasadena, CRyptonite competed against the best teams in Texas! There were two Texas State divisions, Apollo and Mercury, and we competed in the 40-team Mercury Division. After 12 hard fought Qualification matches we came […]

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