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Every dollar donated to CRyptonite helps inspire hundreds of kids to pursue STEM careers. Our funding allows our highschool team to compete in competitions with teams around the world. At the Robert R. Shaw Center, parts and tools bought using donations have taught members industry-level skills, preparing them to succeed in college and the workplace. CRyptonite’s outreach projects have evolved in unique ways, allowing for STEM boxes to be gifted to kids to interest them in science. Every dollar counts.


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Recent Sponsor Headlines

Visit from Oceaneering

Mr. Lamb from Oceaneering joined the team for a night of practice at the RSC. Students and mentors enjoyed meeting Mr. Lamb and showing him the team’s robots. Thank you, Oceaneering for 21 years of sponsorship!

Bechtel Collaboration Day

CRyptonite, along with other Bechtel sponsored teams Team 5892, Energy Heroes, and Team 4693, RoboSpartans met at the RSC to discuss strategy and talk about progress in building their competition robot. The day started with a presentation from Bechtel Engineer, Matt Vogeleand then each team gave a talk about their design process. We then gave […]

MTS Barbecue Demo

On November 7th, Team 624 participated in the Marine Technological Society Barbecue, showing off two of our robots, Sidewinder and Thor. CRyptonite students enjoyed excellent barbecue while sharing their experiences in FIRST robotics and learning about underwater technologies from the 60 other exhibitors. 

Houston Open Golf Tournament Demo

CRyptonite represented our founding Sponsor, BP, at the Houston Open Golf Tournament in Humble, Texas. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with team robots and learn about CRyponite’s influence on surrounding FLL and FRC teams. A huge thank you to BP for providing us with this unique demo opportunity! 

Family Night at Chick-Fil-A

On October 1st from 5-7 pm, Team 624 students demonstrated four unique types of robots to elementary students at Chick-Fil-A’s Family Night. The young students had a blast learning how to drive, program, and build the various robots around mazes and obstacle courses. Students also learned about the robots Team 624 creates, and future opportunities to […]