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FIRST in Texas District Championship

Team 624 did FANTASTIC at the FIRST in Texas District Championship this past week. As with earlier competitions at Waco and Pasadena, CRyptonite competed against the best teams in Texas! There were two Texas State divisions, Apollo and Mercury, and we competed in the 40-team Mercury Division. After 12 hard fought Qualification matches we came in a solid second place out of 40 teams in the Mercury Division. We once again had great results in the Autonomous and Tele-Op Shooting, and also our climb, with our performance keeping Team 624 in an elite group of teams worldwide! With our 2nd place finish after the Qualification Matches, we came in as Captain of Alliance Team #2. We picked two strong teams to join us, 3847 Spectrum from Strake Jesuit (the same team we picked in Pasadena #1 event) and 7616 Cerberus from Sweeny. Our Alliance then got to work, moving forward against very tough play that pushed the pit crew to the limits with repairs after every match. In the end we won Mercury with 6 wins and 1 loss!!  

However, that was not the end of the competition! As the Mercury division winner, Alliance #2 got to play off against the Apollo Division winner Alliance #1. It was a super tough playoff of the best two out of three wins. All our robot systems were put to the test. It was very close in scoring in matches number one and two, but in the end, we came second for the entire state ranking! What an accomplishment!  

With our Awesome performance of first place in the Mercury Division and second place in FIRST in Texas District Championship overall, we won the “District Championship Mercury Division Winner”, taking home the coveted Blue Banner, Winners Medals, and Trophy/Plaques, our second for the season!