2014 Alamo Regional

CRyptonite Robotics Team 624 achieved one of its most decorated regionals to date in the team’s history. After a hard series of qualification matches, CRyptonite came out on top as the No. 1 seed, undefeated throughout all the preliminary matches. Aiming to keep this undefeated streak going, 624 invited Team 118, the Robonauts from CCISD/NASA-JSC, and Team 3008, the Kalani Falcons from Hawaii. We made our way to the finals, in which after two nail-biting matches against the No. 2 alliance of Team 148, the Robowranglers, 2468 Appreciate, and 2789 TEXplosion, 624, 118, and 3008 became champions of the Alamo Regional. Thanks to our amazing alliance partners, we couldn’t have done it without them, and the finalists for keeping us and all of the FRC community on our toes. However, it didn’t end there. CRyptonite took home two other awards: Imagery, an award that is given to the team that best celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual and aesthetic integration of the machine and overall team appearance. From the spiked green hair to the pitsuits to the class of the drive team to the effects of the robot, 624 couldn’t be missed.The final award CRyptonite received is something we have worked towards all 13 years of the team’s existence: the regional Chairman’s Award. Given to the team that best represents the purpose and goals of FIRST in its community and beyond, the chairman’s award is the most prestigious award given at the competition. Team 624 is proud to receive such a honor, and and we look forward to competing for the Chairman’s Award at World Championships in St. Louis.The team has been recognized in the school and newspapers already, and some of our members we featured in a Silicon Valley newsletter as well! Check these out here: The Rancher
Silicon Hills News
Before we head to St. Louis, we still have a few more regionals to attend, so look for us in Orlando soon, starting March 13th!