2014 Lone Star Regional

On April 4-6, Team CRyptonite competed at the Lone Star Regional at the George R. Brown convention center. We met up with several familiar Texas and Houston-area teams as well as some visiting from California, Pennsylvania, Mexico, and even China. It was our 3rd and final regional competition and definitely one of the most exciting. The practice day began busy as usual. At our previous regional in Orlando, we took some pretty tough hits and we needed to replace a few key components of the robot. With a great effort by the pit crew, the robot was good to go for some practice matches in the afternoon.Qualifications started off strong, having the chance to play alongside our friends on 1477, Texas Torque. We ended the day with one loss, and still looked to be in position for a high seeding. At the event we were excited to be joined by many people throughout our community who help support CRyptonite. Students on 624 were able to give tours to some of our visiting sponsors so they could see what FRC was all about. Some of our school teachers as well as our principal, Mr. Cross, came out to the event. Plenty of our alumni could also be seen in the stands. Additionally, other students from outside the robotics team at Cinco Ranch High School came to cheer us on.The next day proved to be a difficult one, as a tough schedule against some very good teams gave us 3 losses and ranked us 14th coming out of the qualifications. However, as alliance selections started, we were thrilled to be chosen by the No. 2 captain, 1477 Texas Torque, from the Woodlands. The alliance was rounded out with the addition of Team