2015 Lone Star Regional

The 2015 Lone Star Regional was a success for Team 624, in which the team accomplished several feats, in the context of both this year’s game Recycle Rush and CRyptonite team history. For the first time in the 15 years of the team’s existence, CRyptonite won the Lone Star Regional, making it the third regional win this season and bringing our overall Blue Banner count to 8. We also won the Industrial Design Award, and junior Jack Sampson was awarded the FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award. After setting up the pit on Thursday morning at the George R. Brown Convention Center, the pit crew began modifications to our robot, Gravity. Some of these included an improved feeder station intake and alignment system, upgraded can stabilization, and a faster gearing on the elevator. After some time, the robot was operational again, but there were quite a few issues to work out still, primarily concerning autonomous. Thanks to the efforts of the programmers, we were able to get it sorted out quickly after our first Qualification match. Qualifications were once again a bit rocky for Team 624, with problems arising such as inverted controllers, damaged batteries, and the gyro failing. However, we soon found our footing again, pulling from behind to the 3rd place with a Qualification Average of 135.33, only .4 behind the second ranked Team 701, the RoboVikes, from California. At Alliance Selections, we were invited by our partners from the Dallas Regional, the number one seeded Team 118, the Robonauts, from League City/Clear Lake, and then selected Team 3728, Iron Panda, to round out our alliance. Having played together before, our robots were very compatible, allowing us to come into the quarterfinals swinging. Our alliance was posting scores above 200 throughout the playoffs. As we entered the Finals, we faced off against a formidable number two Alliance comprised of teams 701, the RoboVikes, team 4587, Jersey Voltage, and team 57, the Leopards – an alliance which had actually outscore us in Semifinal 6. However, our consistency and firepower kept us at the top, scoring 268 points in Finals match 1 – the world record for week 6 competitions, and the 2nd highest playoffs score this entire season. We are very proud of junior Jack Sampson on his accomplishment as a Dean’s List Finalist. He is team 624’s third student to achieve this award, but just as deserving. Jack joined the 624 family in 2014, yet since then, in just one year, has done so much for Team 624 and is a major part of the team’s success. Jack is currently the team’s Vice President of Build, leading the design and fabrication of the robot, working to make sure every subsystem integrates smoothly into what we believe is a quality product. One of our core Chairman’s Award team members, he is a great presenter and really understands the true ideals and values that FIRST holds so dearly, resulting in the team’s first Regional Chairman’s Award at the Alamo Regional in 2014. An ex-FLL student himself, Jack continues to give back to the program by mentoring FLL students on middle school teams. This year, FLL team Titanium X, mentored by Jack and our other Dean’s List nominee Justin Kleiber, advanced to the Lone Star FLL Championships, where they won the 3rd place Programming Award. A strong competitor as well, Jack has served as the drive coach for the team. Some of his victories on the field include: 2014 IRI Number 8 Alliance Captain, Texas Robotics Invitational Winners, Texas Robot Roundup Winners, and the Texas Robot ReMix Winners. Congratulations to Team 3478, Lambot. The Texas teams appreciate your annual appearance at the Lone Star Regional, and the Chairman’s Award was very well deserved. Your spirit and outreach efforts are second to none, with a beautifully made video to cap it off. Congratulations to Arthur Purpich on his WFFA, from 3103 Iron Plaid, and Chris Hansen, on his Volunteer of the Year award. Thanks to all the teams and volunteers for making Lone Star the best regional around, once again!