Colorado Regional Competition

Colorado Regional Competition

CRyptonite continued its long-standing tradition of traveling outside of Texas to meet and compete against new teams, taking a bus to Denver for the Colorado Regional.

After seeing snow and stopping to throw snowballs along with stops at multiple burger establishments along the way, CRyptonite competed in the grueling and competitive three-day competition.

Finishing 21st at the end of qualification matches, third , seed alliance captain, Team 1245 invited CRyptonite along with Team 3374 to complete their Alliance.

After a convincing set of quarterfinal wins, CRyptonite fell to the 2nd seeded Alliance in two closely-contested matches..
For the 7th year in a row, CRyptonite won the Innovation in Control Award, in recognition of the multitude of features in controlling the bot, whether it be automatic height adjustments or recognizing when a ball is in the bot.

Check out our team’s Colorado wrap-up documentary here: