Houston Robot Remix 2017

On Saturday, November 11th, Team 624 returned to College Park High School for the Houston Robot Remix. 31 other teams gathered to compete to play the 2017 FRC game Steamworks. In this game, alliances of three teams each face off to deliver gears to human pilots, shoot wiffle balls referred to as fuel into a goal to build up pressure for points, and finish by climbing a rope on their alliance’s airship. 624 started off the day by beating two Texas powerhouses teams 118 and 148 in their first qualifying match. By alliance selections, 624 was seeded 29th. However, due to CRyptonite’s superior driving and ability to consistently climb and cycle gears, they were selected for the third seeded alliance by team 3478 The Lambots, from Mexico. Along with Team 5414, Pearadox from Pearland, Texas, the alliance advanced through some tough matchups, eventually reaching the finals. 624 fought valiantly, but were ultimately defeated by the first seed alliance led by 148 The Robowranglers and co-host of the competition, team 1477, Texas Torque. CRyptonite received the finalist award for being one of six teams to make it to the final round of the tournament. Overall, it was a great competition, and CRyptonite proved to be a good co-host, helping in both setup and teardown of the field elements and supplying student volunteers for the safety glasses station and the field reset crew in between matches. It was a great way to cap off the Steamworks season. Now, CRyptonite is waiting to Power Up in January 2018!