Hub City Regional

CRyptonite ventured out to the Hub City Regional for the first time in our history, and was not disappointed. At the end of an extremely intense qualifications schedule, Team 624 was selected by Team 118 The Robonauts from Clear Creek High School. With 118 falling twice while climbing, the alliance pushed through quarterfinals, winning a tough tiebreaker against the number 6 alliance led by FRC team 418. With 624 getting rotors spinning, and 118 filling up the boiler, 624 won the first semis. However, 624 proceeded to lose the next two semis, led by a powerhouse alliance, included 3847 from Strake and 1477 from the Woodlands. Although losing the robot game, 624 succeeded in winning the Chairman’s award, the most prestigious award in FRC. This award recognized our outreach efforts to spread our love of stem to as many people as possible. In addition, the award qualifies us for World Championships, and we are excited to compete at the Houston Champs in mid April!