Indiana Robotics Invitational

From July 18-19, CRyptonite competed at the Indiana Robotics Invitational, or IRI. This unique competition, by invitation only, brought together 68 of the top teams from across North America. By the end of the 9 qualification matches Team 624 once again showed world class performance by placing 10th. During the elimination rounds, Team 624 moved up to the 8th seed Alliance Captain. As Alliance Captain, we selected Team 33, the Killer Bees, from Michigan, Team 447 Roboto, from Indiana, and Team 2481, The Roboteers, from Illinois. As fate would have it, our semi final match was a repeat of the match-up we had in St. Louis. We once again took on the number one Alliance led by the World Champion Team 254, the Cheesy Poofs, from California. In the end, we lost after two hard fought matches. This trip provided an excellent opportunity for Team 624 students and mentors to showcase Katy ISD Robotics and to learn from other World Ranked teams.