Indiana Robotics Invitational

CRyptonite Team 624 competed in the Indiana Robotics Invitational, a premier off-season event, from July 19 – 20 in Indianapolis, IN. Texas was well represented with six teams at the tournament, including teams 1477 Texas Torque, 118 Robonauts, 148 Robowranglers, 2468 Appreciate, and 3847 Spectrum. Of the several Texas teams aforementioned, we shared a bus with Torque, Spectrum, and the Robonauts all the way up to IRI and had many great experiences together. During Qualification rounds on Friday, CRyptonite had a few hard matches and started off 0 – 3, despite nailing several 7 disk autos. Things began to pick back up for 624 as we won the next few matches, finishing the day 3 – 3 with a brilliant Match 64 alongside our fellow Texas team 1477 and the most recent Hall of Fame inductee 1538 the Holy Cows. Saturday brought a few surprises as we finished the qualification period 4 – 5, a score not too bad for the caliber of IRI, where only one team was able to go undefeated. After alliance selections, we found ourselves in an alliance with our Captain 3947 The Last Crusaders, 245 the AdamBots, and 447 Team Roboto. We suffered a couple hard-fought losses in the Quarterfinals to the number two Alliance of 1310, 67, and 3476, who went on to be finalists. CRyptonite is extremely happy with our performance at IRI and thankful for the chance to compete with the best of the best in FRC. We are appreciative of Indiana FIRST and teams 45, 234, and 1024 for hosting this event. Also, congratulations to this year’s IRI winners 1114, 2056, 1334, and 2337!