Texas Robotics Invitational

CRyptonite recently participated in the inaugural 2014 Texas Robotics Invitational, hosted at Strake Jesuit by Team 3847 Spectrum and the Lone Star Regional. TRI was an interesting event with several rule changes to the game, Aerial Assist, and gave us more opportunities to use Sidewinder and see how the changes made to it would fare. The team was also able to meet many faces from teams all over Texas, not just from Houston. After a stretch of qualification matches, CRyptonite finished undefeated in the number one seed, setting several high scores along the way. However, the top 8 seeded teams were then randomized and were placed into new positions, and were not allowed to pick within the top 8. 624 became the number 4 alliance captain, and invited teams 3847 Spectrum, 1429 Kaos, and 5070 Gearnotics to join our alliance. After some tough elimination matches, 624’s alliance came out on top, winning the event. Thanks to 3847 Spectrum, the Lone Star Regional, and all the volunteers who made this event possible.