UIL State Championship

CRyptonite had a great time in Austin last weekend, attending the FIRST Robotics UIL State Championships! After a set grueling qualification matches, which saw multiple 4 rotor matches, CRyptonite finished 5th in the state. Heading into eliminations, CRyptonite captained the 4th Seeded alliance, and were joined by FRC Team 1255, and FRC Team 2582. Although the team made an exit in quarterfinals, the team was excited to see multiple new changes to the robot work well on the field. Congratulations to the Winners, Robonauts, Black Hawk Robotics, and FRC Team 6547, and also congratulations to the finalist alliance, composed of Robotics Team 148 – Robowranglers, Texas Torque, and FRC Team 5417. You all serve as a source of inspiration for teams all over FIRST, and we are proud to be a member of #TeamTexas. CRyptonite and Nautilus will be competing at the Texas Robotics Invitational in June and the Texas Robot Roundup in late July!