Demo at Oceaneering

Students from Team 624 traveled to Oceaneering on June 28, 2013 to perform a robot demonstration for staff members and other guests who were present at the facility. Oceaneering is one of our founding sponsors. Team 4587 from Jersey Village High School, a 2013 rookie team also sponsored by Oceaneering, attended with their robot for the demonstration. The teams were allowed to set up in a large atrium area were the robots demonstrated various skills used in FRC games. Our students did a lot of shooting with both Thor and Panzer.Students from both teams interacted with observers by answering questions about how this year’s game, Ultimate Ascent, was played as well as about how the robots were designed and how they operate.  Long time mentors for our team, Robert Hughes and Ryan Bradley, visited with students from both teams.  After students were treated to pizza for lunch courtesy of Oceaneering staff, they were given an opportunity to try out a simulator used for training operators of sub-sea submersible vehicles that Oceaneering designs. Team 624 wishes to thank Oceaneering for their continuing support of our team!