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CRyptonite-Mock Kickoff

On the 15th of December, team 624 held a mock kickoff from 12:00 to 2:30 to help prepare new members for the upcoming season’s kickoff. Anuraag Routray, Matt Duong, and Alex Dial were the main presenters, going into action creating a presentation showcasing what should be prioritized at an actual kickoff. The event had 37 members; 15 of those were new to Team 624. The presentation was accompanied by a smaller version of 2016’s Stronghold game manual and other tools accessed at a kickoff to further give members a better in-depth experience and knowledge of what truly happens during the real event. The training session ended with a closer look upon Armada; a past robot that was made for Stronghold. Students learned about the past mistakes that accompanied Armada, preparing them for next season’s game. To end the article, team 624 would like to acknowledge the three members who gave alot of effort to accomplish an event; thank you.