Comicpalooza Demonstration

we reached the finals, we faced a daunting alliance of 148, 118, and 2585. After some of the most intense matches of Aerial Assist seen this season, we were defeated in the finals. Team 624 was well-recognized at the awards ceremony, winning the Industrial Safety Award for our top notch safety program, and the Innovation in Control Award for our unique programming and control systems. Additionally, David Gros, a junior on the team, was recognized with the Dean’s List award, becoming the second member of CRyptonite to win this prestigious award. Overall, Lone Star was a fantastic event for the team. It was great to get together and compete with our friends from the local teams. We look forward to seeing many of them again when we go on to compete at the FRC World Championship taking place in St. Louis from April 24-26. Be sure to stay tuned to CRyptonite’s Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.