Fish Camp Demos

With school getting ready to start up, Team 624 had a busy week demonstrating robots at several area high schools, introducing new people to robotics and helping recruit new members. We started out the week by splitting up and demonstrating with our neighboring rookie teams at Taylor High School and Tompkins High School during their fish camps at the same time. Tompkins freshmen got to see Panzer shoot basketballs and drive around the commons, learning about the new FRC team at their school. CRyptosaur participated in Taylor’s back to school fashion show and drove around the commons, piquing interest for Taylor’s rookie team as well.The next two days, CRyptonite demonstrated Panzer and Sidewinder at the Cinco Ranch High School back to school roundup. Students were awed as Panzer shot basketballs down the school’s hallways, and got to see sidewinder hurl exercise balls through the air.In all, during this busy week, we exposed hundreds of new students to FRC and robotics, and hopefully many will be inspired to join a team or pursue a STEM education into the future.