Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

A group of 14 CRyptonite representatives traveled to ExxonMobil’s west Houston office on Friday, Feb 15, 2013 to participate in the company’s Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day event. Sponsored annually by ExxonMobil Chemical, this event helps junior high girls to envision careers in engineering and encourages them to get involved with STEM courses and activities in high school. An all-freshmen group of Team 624 girls was called upon to handle much of this demo for about 200 girls from West Memorial and McDonald Junior Highs. Stephanie Grace, Susana Simmonds and Andrea Zaharie explained the robot’s pneumatic system to the girls, while Leah Button-Edelson and Jordan Wood demonstrated the electronic system.Zoe Burch and Nasa Xu showed how the robot works and talked about the build process. Aided by Daniel Lambert and Bill Waters, many students attending got to try their hand at driving the robot and shooting baskets.Fraser Head talked about robotics competitions and showed photos and video of the team in action. Outreach Captain David Gros was also there to answer questions. Our Faculty Sponsor, Mr. Fish, along with Mentors Juli Outlaw and Larry Gros, a Chemical Engineer at ExxonMobil, also made the trip.