Potluck Dinner Social

It’s that time of year again for our annual potluck dinner social, where students and their parents come in to discover and learn about our high school robotics program. While becoming acquainted with other team members, new students were given tours of the Robert Shaw Center and introduced to various FRC and VEX competition robots. Excited students were able to drive our automatons around. The interactions between the robots and the field pieces went exceptionally well as there was always a line to take a turn at driving.After introducing mentors and team members, dinner was served and everyone had a chance to connect.
Members, both new and returning, were able to challenge themselves, in a Kahoot! CRyptonite quiz; the top five highest scoring players earned prizes!The excitement refused to die down, as the sugary desserts were passed around. Including a cupcake cake decorated with our teams colors and logo to celebrate the birthday of team member, Will Lasater, CRyptonite’s VP of Outreach.
Over all the social was a huge success, everyone was able to get a glance at the bright young minds joining the team. Looks like we’re in for a great build season!For more photos of the Potluck Dinner, check out our gallery:http://tinyurl.com/hp2h455