Science Day Camp

On November 23, 2013, CRyptonite hosted its 5th annual science day camp at Cinco Ranch High School. We invited 140 students from elementary and junior high schools throughout Katy ISD.Science Day Campers were first split into groups by grade level. Then, they had the opportunity to visit seven science-related stations “ Physics, Geology, Astronomy, Engineering, Chemistry, Energy, and of course, Robotics. At these stations, students were led through interactive activities related to these fields. It was great to see the excitement from the students as they constructed newspaper towers, mixed chemicals to see reactions, and jumped to catch basketballs shot from our previous robots. Not only was it an exciting experience for the Science Day Campers, but also for members of our team. CRyptonite students helped teach the Science Day Campers at each of the stations and helped guide them as they moved from activity to activity. Science day camp serves as both an excellent way to fulfill our mission to spread science and technology and also, by charging a small fee for applicants, it serves as a fundraiser to help fund CRyptonite’s work.Over the past 4 years we have seen a steady increase in both the number of stations taught as well as the number of Science Day Campers we are able to have. We look forward to continue this inspiring event for years to come.